Company History

Nelson Contracting Limited was launched in March 2002 by owners Nigel and Mary Wilson with one employee.
The business at the outset was to compete in the commercial and building maintenance area which they believed to be under serviced in the Nelson Region.

From the Kitchen table the business grew employing more staff and creating infrastructure to deal with the increasing work load. It became obvious very quickly that permanent premises were needed and in 2003 the business was relocated to the Wakatu Industrial Estate.

After outgrowing those premises, Nelson Contracting Limited built its own Office, Workshop and amenities at Fuji Place in Stoke.
Rapid expansion in the construction market has allowed Nelson Contracting Limited to firmly establish itself in the market and diversify into other areas within the industry which leads us to present day and another significant change.
Nigel and Mary made the decision in 2014 to split the company and look for someone who had the infrastructure and trade experience to take ownership of the Building and Maintenance side while they continued on with the Ground Stabilisation and Anchoring Systems.

In October 2015, Barry Galbraith became the sole owner of Nelson Contracting Limited. He has a wealth of knowledge in the Trades sector and currently runs highly successful Plastering, Brick Laying, Sandblasting and Painting businesses.

Barry believes that Nelson Contracting is the link in the chain that will see it placed to provide a highly resourced and efficient Building and Maintenance Service. With a pool of over 40 current full time permanent staff over a genre of trades the need to sub contract is limited and as such provides a much more reliable option for clients.

From humble beginnings to where the company is today is testament to Nigel and Mary’s hard work and dedication to client satisfaction. As the new owner it is Barry’s intent to not only keep up the good work but to build and expand the company and to offer clients a number of new options and in doing so ensure the future of not only the company but the support of past, present and future clients.